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We are distributor of traditional porcelains that have been passed down

from old time in Japan and distribute porcelains from districts around Japan,

such as Tokoname-yaki made by hand with traditional skills.

Our handling products as follows.

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Yasuhsia Yoshida (Mr.)



Japanese traditional craft, Tokoname-yaki has

about 1,000 years of history and is produced from

the middle ages to this day. Tokoname-yaki is counted

among the famous six old potteries in Japan.

Of them, Tokoname-yaki is the oldest.




Kyusu (Teapot)

Hallmark of Tokoname-yaki.

Things of pouring Japanese tea.

It has spread to the average family

in Japan as articles for daily use,

but a lot of masters in Tokoname are making

effort to produce their own greatest work.


Manekineko (Lucky Cat)

Manekineko is considered to invite

people and fortune into homes or shops and

beloved of people in Japan from long ago.

The things invite differ with its upraised hand and colors.










In addition, we handle kegs of Shochu (a distilled spirit) that enhance the flavor of Shochu and are used as a decorative accent.


Cups, tableware, gardening supplies and bathtubs. The skills and elegance of the craftsmen who made these products shine.





Shigaraki-yaki is also counted among famous six old potteries in Japan,

enjoys a reputation for traditional skills. It is made of material suitable

for big size products and easy to decorate.

The lineup of Shigaraki-yaki: table-sets, gardening supplies,

small articles and famous good luck charm, raccoon-shaped ceramic.



Kutani-yaki is produced from Edo period to this day, exported to Europe and United States.

It is characterized by gorgeous, multicolored illustrations.

The lineup of Kutani-yaki: dish, pot, tea utensil and vase. All things have picturesque style.







We can provide the other Japanese traditional porcelains,

such as Seto-yaki, Mino-yaki, Arita-yaki and Kyo-yaki.

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