Kyusu 〜Japanese tea pot〜


It is said that Tokoname-yaki is the oldest porcelains in Japan, it
has a 1000-year-old history.
Kyusu is representative of today’s Tokoname-yaki.
It is hand-made, each one is made by well-established skills, and
enjoys a high reputation all over the world.
It takes about 10 years to become a master and they spend much
more time enhancing their skills. The Kyusu created by the skills of
them, it is only one real gem.

Making a cup of green tea with Kyusu is traditional culture of Japan.
Japanese green tea brings a health benefits to us and enjoys a high
reputation all over the world from America to Europe and more.
Kyusu produced in Tokoname enhances the tastes and stages stylish.